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  Yueyang Greg technology co., LTD. Was established2007Years9Month,Company headquarters and sales company in shenzhen city jiaxing insulation materials co., LTD. Is located in nanshan district, shenzhen city industrial zone 5。Company production base is located in yueyang city of hunan province green chemical industrial park,The company covers an area of26888Square meters,The company has developed products have four major categories of hundreds of varieties(Category a:Insulating paint series;Category 2:Coating adhesive series;Category 3:Balance the cement series;Category 4:Flux series),Annual production capacity is achieved10000Tons,Production of all products meet the European UnionRoHsAnd instructionReachStandard,And the United StatesULCertification,The certificate numberE303754。The company has independent insulation system,Insulation system numberE328930。Mainly for the domestic and foreign motor electrical industry to provide supporting services,The company has always been carried outISO9001And quality assurance systemISO14001Environmental certification system,And upgradeTS16949Quality management system,Ensure enterprise operation specification、Standard,Set a good model for the industry development。Current customers covering greater China and southeast Asia、European and American markets。

Our qualifications

Quality management system certification

Environmental management system certification

High and new technology enterprise certificate

Safety production license

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Insulation system

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Our mission

High insulation creator Electrical insulation, solution

Our vision

Become insulation materials industry leader in China

Our advantage

High and new technology of water soluble insulating varnish、Low volatile、High temperature resistant levels of relevant environmental protection products,To master advanced core technology。

Our strategic development goals

The first-class quality services,Look forward to by the society,By the industry benchmarking enterprises,Trusted by customers for enterprises。

Product line

  • Ordinary resin
  • Solvent-free resin
  • Coating glue
  • The aqueous impregnating resin
  • Flux
  • Cleaning products
  • Since the dry resin
  • Balance the cement
  • Solvent-free dripping leaching resin
  • Electronic anti-corrosion paint
  • Pouring sealant
  • Silicone silicone

Our comprehensive evaluation

  • Innovation

  • Quality

  • Service

  • After sales

Our factory

The company has professional technical team,Professional colleges and universities cooperation team,Within the company has a professional laboratory at the national level、Technology research and development、Quality management personnel20More than one,College degree or above accounted for90%The above,Product technology upgrade to provide you with comprehensive service。

The factory

The factory

Corner of the lab

Corner of the lab

Product inspection room

Product inspection room

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+0755-86102606 | jxjy88@163.com

Mr. Li:13922853028

Shenzhen nanshan mountain road 27Rich top building,408Room

Company website: www.tiantiandaji.com.cn